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Transfers to St Jean de Mont

We are flying into Nantes Airport and would like to know how we get airport transfers to (Le bois Masson) in St Jean de Mont.

I take it you mean Le Bois Masson in St Jean de Monts? If so, there is a shuttle from the Airport to town of St Jean de Mont but only on Saturdays. The town's tourist office web site has information. I can only suggest a taxi (about 100 euros + or -) or private transfer. Sorry but I don't have a private transfer company to recommend.

Is it possible to get a bus transfer from Nantes Airport to St. Jean de Monts? What is the charge?

There is bus transfer between the Nantes Airport and St. Jean de Monts but only on Saturdays - The cost is 32€ round trip and 16€ for a single. Prices from 2008!

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