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Nantes Airport to St Hilaire de Riez

Could you please advise how we can transfer from Nantes Airport to St Hilaire de Riez. We are going to one of the camp sites.
Can we hire a car on arrival at the airport?
Or, can we get a train/bus to St Hilaire from the Airport?
If not can you advise what we need to do to get to St Hilaire without hiring a car?
Could you advise if there are car hire facilities in st Hilaire de Riez or point us in the right direction to find out?
I much appreciate this information you will be providing.

Yes, you can hire a car at the Nantes Airport: Car Hire page. I would suggest making a reservation before you arrive. That can be done online via the link above.
I’m not sure about busses but there is a train station in St Hilaire de Riez. There seem to be trains throughout the day. The cost one way for one person is about €14 and the trip takes about 1.5 hours. You don’t need a reservation for the train you can buy the day you travel. But if you want you can try here to reserve your tickets.

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