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Nantes Airport to Clarys Plage Campsite

My parents are coming to stay with us in the Clarys Plage campsite not too far from St Jean de Mont next month. They will be flying in to Nantes Airport. Can you help me - how can they get from the airport to the campsite?

I think there best bet is the shuttle that runs between the Nantes Airport and St Jean de Mont. The shuttle runs daily from May 1st to September 30th. The cost is 44€ during the day/66€ at night (May, June and September) and 100€/144€ (July and August).
You would need to call the tourist office in St Jean de Mont to book - 02 51 59 68 68. I would ask the tourist office what’s the best way to get to Clarys Plage from St Jean de Mont.
I got this information from the St Jean de Mont tourist website. It’s in French but has lots of info about access.

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