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Going to Parc D'Inly in Brittany

How can I get from Nantes Airport to Parc D'Inly (Brittany) 2 Adults & 3 Children - Cost for Taxi? or is there a shuttle bus that goes from Airport to Campsites in this area?

I don't believe there is a shuttle bus or other public transportation to get to Parc D'Inly also know as Campsite Le Domaine d'Inly, between Vannes and Guérande in Brittany.
The cost to take a taxi is about 160€ one way. That's 1.44€ per kilometre and it's about 114 kilometres between the Nantes Airport and Parc D'Inly. Your cost might be more as you are more than three people or if you have lots of bags or travel at night, on a Sunday or on a holiday.

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