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Getting to St Philbert de Grand Lieu

Is there a public transport option from the airport to St Philbert de Grand Lieu? I believe that St Philbert, like the airport, is to the south of Nantes. Would it be necessary to go into Nantes, then out again? Thanks for any info!

I had a look at the Nantes public transport web site - and by public transport it would take a little over an hour to go from the airport to St Philbert de Grand Lieu. The site also lists walking (the cheapest way to go) as taking the same amount of time interestingly enough. As you suspected you have to go into Nantes first.
To take public transport you would take Bus 98 from the airport to Nantes, get off at stop '8 MAI'. Then you need to walk to the 'FĂ©lix Tableau' coach stop and take the 'CAR 12' (in fact a coach) to St Philbert de Grand Lieu. If you know when you are travelling, the TAN web site will tell you what buses and coaches you need to take and their schedules. But it doesn't seem to list price.
As it's 20 kilometres from the Nantes Airport to St Philbert de Grand Lieu. I estimate the cost would be about 28€ to take a taxi. That's travelling during the day Monday to Saturday. At night and on Sunday or bank holiday the price is about 42€. This is based on 1.40 € (2.10 € Sunday or bank holiday) per kilometre in the Loire-Atlantique, the department of the Nantes Airport. Prices from 2010!

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