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Getting to St Jean de Monts Summer 2009

Can you please advise if my family fly into Nantes in August with Ryanair what connections are there available to get to the coast, particularly St Jean de Monts?

The only public transportation I could find was the shuttle the runs between the airport and St Jean de Monts. But it only runs on Saturday and you have to be three or more to book online. The St Jean de Monts tourist office has more info. There is a booking form on the left.
Other than that is a taxi, about €112 during the day and € 168 at night or on a Sunday. Allo Taxi (02 40 69 22 22) said they could take a reservation over the phone in English if you spoke slowly. They also have a web site but I didn't find it very easy to use.
The only other solution is car hire. This could be best if you want to get around and see the countryside.

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