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Nantes Airport Car Park

Car Park Nantes Airport

The Nantes Airport has four car parks. Each, except for the under-cover car park, is free for the first half hour. After that each has its own tariffs.

The Nantes Airport offers the possibly to book your parking over the phone, you can call 33 (0) Reservations are only for P0, P3 Est and P4.

Be warned that you must reserve by 6 pm the day before you want to park and it costs 10 euros to reserve a space. That's 10 euros on top of what you will pay for parking.

This was supplied by a reader and I'm passing it on:
Please would you mention the GIG/GIC (Disabled) parking bays? They are directly opposite the main entrance and are in car park P2. It would be nice if you could remind people to not use them without being a holder of the appropriate badge (we've only ever encountered UK plated cars doing this).

There is an Elan filling station at the airport if you need petrol.

Information for long term parking.